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Rise each day feeling empowered and confident. Experience the art of ultra-natural brows, perfected over nine years by the globally acclaimed artist Hannah. Specialising across Australasia and the Middle East, her expert microblading services are now available to you in Mission Bay, Auckland.

What is the 

Crafting ultra-natural brows through microblading, I skillfully implant pigment to mimic real hair. Perfect for anyone desiring a hassle-free brow routine, whether you have abundant brow hair or seek fuller brows. Rest assured, only the finest sterile tools are used to shape hyper-realistic brows that you'll be delighted to greet each morning.

Considering individual skin types and lifestyles, microblading typically involves two sessions to perfect your brows, with the follow-up touch-up complimentary. Some clients may opt for a second touch-up as part of the refining process. Envision microblading as a painting; each session layers hair strokes, enhancing texture, density, and depth for your ideal brows.


Please inform us if any of the following applies to you before making a booking to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

-Pregnant/ breastfeeding

-Prone to keloid or hypertrophic scarring

-Currently undergoing treatment for cancer

-Have had botox/ filler within the last 2 weeks 

-Taking blood thinning medications/ Fish oil/ aspirin


-Has an existing cosmetic tattoo

-On Roaccutane/ Accutane

-Using retinol

-Allergic to Lidocaine/ Lignocaine/ Epinephrine

-Prone to cold sores (lip tattoo only)

-Blood disorders

You must be over the age of 18 to receive a tattoo.

How long does it last?

Due to the unique nature of skin types there is no definite answer to this, most clients find that their results last between 1-2 years before finding themselves wanting a refresh of colour to keep the hair strokes looking crisp and fresh. 


After your first appointment it is normal to have areas of the eyebrow or lip that has not retained the colour as solid as other areas, this is completely normal and is why a second appointment is always necessary to address any areas like this and to ensure flawless results. As we do not tattoo as deep into the skin as a traditional body tattoo, this means that the tattoo is more semi-permeant but gives us a more hyper realistic hair like effect. Alterations can be made at touch up appointments as of clients like to start very conservative then build upon the brow at each additional appointment as they feel comfortable.


Lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, use of active skincare ingredients, chemical/ laser peel contact, smoking, thyroid medication and oily skin will fade your cosmetic tattoo at a faster rate. 

Final results cannot be guaranteed as each unique skin type will retain pigment differently and fade at a different rate. Multiple sessions are completely normal for cosmetic tattoo procedures. Every new procedure requires a minimum of 2 visits.




Microblading (New Client)
*Includes Initial Touch Up

Additional Touch Up

3 - 12 month refresh

13 - 24 month refresh



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